New telescope

I just bought a new Mead LXD75 SN-10 a/t Schmidt-Newtonian. Having read the reviews, it seems like a solid item. The only concerns I have are the cheap focuser (which I am replacing with a JMI), and the mount: good mount, but it could be bigger to support this huge tube. It looks like Meade was attempting to keep the cost down by using this mount. First light soon…

Specifications for LXD75 SN-10AT (f/4) Schmidt-Newtonian w/UHTC
Aperture 10″
Focal Length 1016mm
Focal Ratio f/4
Optical Coatings Ultra-High Transmission Coatings™ (UHTC™)
Optical Design Schmidt-Newtonian with UHTC

Included in my order is the Meade DSI II deep sky color imager with autostar suite software for remote control. A focuser from JMI has been ordered to replace the stock focuser, and it is planned to obtain a computer-controlled focus mechanism (Smart Focus) form JMI soon after.

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