Observing log 3/17/2010

Another clear night. Time for some more practice with using the Meade deep sky imager II CCD camera. After acquiring a new 30′ USB2 extension cable and powered hub for the camera and attaching the long serial link, I now have a remote controlled telescope that I operate from the warmth of my home office (I still have to upgrade to a motorized focuser). The serial link is a simple telephone line attached to COM1 on my Lenovo workstation running Windows Vista Business Edition. Here are some first images from the session. Please keep in mind that I am a complete novice when it comes to astrophotography and that I will be working on obtaining correctly timed exposures. Here we have crude images of the M42 Orion nebula, a faint image of the M1 Crab nebula, and Sirius of Canus Major.

Sirius at prime focus

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