CCD Astrophotography: dark frames

I have discovered that dark frames make all the difference: images are clearer without all of the noise. I have tested the dark frame function on the Meade DSI CCD camera and it works well. Set it to create dark frames (it takes about five minutes), put the lense cap on the telescope, and go have a coffee. After it prompts you that it has completed, remove your lensecap and continue to take pics. The images are far clearer and the background is dark. I have dozens of pics that were enhanced by dark frames: I will post them soon after I edit them with my new install of Photoshop.

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2 comments on “CCD Astrophotography: dark frames

  1. Hi, Steve, glad to see you’ve added darks to your toolbag. They make a huge difference to your final image.
    I use a DSLR so I also take flats and bias frames. I don’t know if these are required for the astrophotography you’re doing with the Meade DSI but I assume they would also be beneficial.

    Here’s hoping we get to spend some time under the stars together soon doing some astrophotography…

    Astronomically, John

  2. I will read up on those flats and bias frames… You have some awesome photos on your site. I know that you have been doing this for a long time. I will be seeing you at the next meeting soon – perhaps you could give me some tips. Cheers!

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