Lyra observing targets for August

With the constellation Lyra high near the zenith this time of year, I will be targeting a few galaxies in the vicinity. These are very small and faint objects – should be a challenge for amateur equipment. Look for results here throughout the Summer.

M56, an globular cluster at 19h16m36s

The following are in the same area between Vega and e1 & e2 Lyr:

NGC 6675 18h37m24sec at magnitude 13

NGC 6663 18h33m30sec at magnitude 15

IC 4772 18h39m54sec at magnitude 15

NGC 6686 18h40m6sec at magnitude 15

NGC 6695 18H42M42sec at magnitude 14

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  1. I have tried imaging these objects, but they are too faint to image. I would like to try again with the assistance of a focal reducer.

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