Return of the Meade 6600

The telescope on the right is a 6″ Newtonian that I bought in 1987 from a local camera store. The wooden tripod is falling apart, so I have obtained a mounting plate and set of tube rings to attach it to my Meade LXD75 mount that I am using for the 10″. The parts for the 6600 are hard to find. I called Meade to get tube rings for a 6″, but they are out of stock. I ordered some rings from Agena Astro Products and am bolting them onto a spare LXD75 mounting plate.

The reason I plan on using this old 6″ (which still gives very good images) is because the LXD75 mount is at it’s load limit with the 10″, and because of this, the 10″ tracking can vary. The 6″ will be less of a load and will operate ‘faster’. I will update this post with results.

The Meade 6600 Newtonian reflector. In place of the Telrad finder, I have a small Meade spotting scope installed. The 6600 was manufactured in the early to mid-1980’s. This is a great telescope, and I have been using it continuously for over 20 years.

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  1. I have tested the 6600 on the LXD75 mount, and it worked flawlessly. The tracking was right-on: better than with the 10″ tube. Got some great pics of M31 and M42. Less tube weight = better performance.

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