Observing log 12/29/2010

Outside temperature: 34deg F. Intermittent Stratus cloud cover. Snow on ground that brightened up the background in the pictures a bit. Time for Nebulae and open clusters. All exposures were 1 second, 30 exposures stacked. The Meade DSI II Envisage software suggested a 1 sec exposure from the auto-exposure feature.

M1, Crab Nebula. Had some sky glow interfere. Contrast enhanced:

M35 in Gemini:

M37 – Open cluster in Auriga:

NGC1817 – Open cluster in Taurus:

NGC2158 – Small cluster about 1′ under M35 in Gemini. A longer exposure is needed to bring this out, but this is the limit of the 6″ Newtonian. Look closely to see the faint cluster lower center. V-shape:

NGC2175 – Open cluster with nebulosity in Orion:

Observing area for this session:

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