Observing log January 2, 2011

Clear and cold tonight: 21deg F. A night of galaxies. Using the color option on the Meade DSI, I had to take very short exposures and then stack them about 100 times, as the CCD is very sensitive to light and will result in overexposed color with long exposure. I could use longer exposure with the monochrome setting, however.
Observed M81, M82, M33, M31, M1, NGC891, NGC659, and NGC1023. NGC891 is a very faint edge-on spiral galaxy. It can be barely seen in the image: I will use the 10″ telescope to get better images at the next session.

These images were captured with a Meade DSI II CCD on a 6″ Newtonian.

M33 in blue light Brightness enhanced




NGC891: Faint edge-on spiral galaxy:

NGC659 Open cluster in Cassiopeia:

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