Observing log 1/9/2011

Cold night. 7Deg F. Lots of frost on the ‘scope. I use Meade Autostar Suite 5.5 to remotely control the telescope: it is attached via Serial port. The serial connection gives me a lot of grief: sometimes it connects, most of the time it does not. I spent over three hours fighting with the Comm port. Finally, I gave it up and used a USB/Serial converter cable which utilized the USB port on my PC for the connection. That worked well. So after all of that fun, I did get to capture a (very) raw FITS image of the flame nebula on Orion’s belt. I used the monochrome setting, as color usually ends up over exposed. I also experimented with using the FITS format, but that resulted in images that were very much overexposed: the stars were way too bright. It also was not WYSIWYG: (What You See Is What You Get); as the images came out far brighter and overexposed than the tracking image. This only happened when using FITS. If I use JPEG, the tracking image is identical to the final image – strange.

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