Observing session 6/29/2011: Sony a330 SLR test

Sony a330 SLR astro-photography test. I stole my wifes camera and mounted it with T-adapter on the Meade LXD-75 SN-10″. The SLR is already outperforming my Meade DSI II CCD camera. Here are a few test shots (PhotoShop auto-levels enhanced). Ring nebula – one of the pics has a line going through the shot: I believe it to be a firefly due to turbulence in the line. A lot of them were out that night. Secondly are test shots of my favorite Star, Vega. Last, M13.  More to come as I get more experience with this camera.

M13 taken with Sony a330 SLR and Meade LXD75-sn10

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