Observing session 6/30/2011

Used the Sony a330 SLR. First is a picture of the heart of Cignus, Sadr. The small open cluster NGC 6910 is seen nearby. Of course, I have to post some more images of M57, as they keep getting better.

2 comments on “Observing session 6/30/2011

  1. Steve or anyone,
    I am looking at a Meade 6600 6 inch Newtonian Reflector Telescope. It is used in good condition with a good wood tripod. Can you tell me what something like this may be worth and if it a good choice for my 10 year old, ( he loves astronomy). If you have the time please call me at 732-889-6931i know nothing about telescopes and want to get him scope that will be challenging and fun for many years(I noticed you had yours for 20 yrs+).
    Thank you,
    Mark L.

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