Coma Berenicis objects

Study of Coma Berenicis. The night sky was mostly clear with thin clouds intermittent. High light pollution: not at my dark site tonight. This night I was using a skylight filter from Zhumell: it did cut down somewhat on stray light and gave a colorful tinge to images. Each image is 10 exposures at 15-25 seconds with an ISO of 800. In order, we have M64, binary system Cor Caroli, cluster M53, and a favorite edge-on spiral galaxy NGC4565.


M64. (NGC4826) Galaxy, type Sab, in Coma Berenicis Right Ascension (2000.0): 12:56:43.8 (h:m:s) Declination (2000.0): +21:40:59 (deg:m:s) m_b: 9.3 (mag) , m_v: 8.5 (mag) , SB: 12.7 (mag per square arcmin) Dimension: 10.00 x 5.4 (arcmin) , PA: 115 Cross Identifications: M 64, UGC 8062, MCG 4-31-1, PGC 44182, Black Eye galaxy, ZWG 130.1, KARA 559, IRAS12542+2157


COR COROLI_LIGHT_10s_800iso_b

Cor Caroli (α CVn, α Canum Venaticorum, Alpha Canum Venaticorum) is the brightest star in the northern constellation Canes Venatici. It is a binary star consisting of two distantly separated components. The name Cor Caroli means “Charles’ Heart”, and was named in the 17th century to honour the King Charles I of England who was beheaded in 1649. Cor Caroli is a binary star with a combined apparent magnitude of 2.81. The two stars are 19.6 arcseconds apart in the sky and are easily resolved in small telescopes. The system lies approximately 110 light years from Earth. The brighter of the two stars is designated α² Canum Venaticorum, the fainter α¹ Canum Venaticorum. Reference: Cor Caroli. 2014. Retrieved June 24, 2014 from



M53. Globular Cluster, type V, in Coma Berenicis Right Ascension (2000.0): 13:12:55.3 (h:m:s) Declination (2000.0): +18:10:11 (deg:m:s) m_v: 7.7 (mag) Dimension: 13.00 (arcmin) Cross Identifications: M 53, GCL 22



NGC4565. Galaxy, type Sb, in Coma Berenicis Right Ascension (2000.0): 12:36:20.5 (h:m:s) Declination (2000.0): +25:59:16 (deg:m:s) m_b: 10.3 (mag) , m_v: 9.5 (mag) , SB: 13.2 (mag per square arcmin) Dimension: 15.80 x 2.1 (arcmin) , PA: 136 Cross Identifications: UGC 7772, MCG 4-30-6, ZWG 129.10, PGC 42038, FGC 1471, KUG 1233+262


canes venatici

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