Moon and Jupiter

Clear night. Moon and Jupiter on the meridian. For this session, I used APT to capture the images. I usually use two astro-photography applications: BackyardEOS and APT. I use APT when imaging the Moon and bright planets because APT provides short exposures down in the 1/100th range: and these short exposures are needed with these very bright objects. The magnified Lunar image was produced with eyepiece projection: a 9mm eyepiece with Canon T3 Rebel. That with a 10-inch aperture with f/4 would be about 113x magnification.

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2 comments on “Moon and Jupiter

  1. Great site! Very impressive and thought provoking. I have recently purchased a SN 10 and am doing some investigating as to try to get it up and running. The previous owner installed a moonlit focused, did a clip job, flocked the tube and totally screwed up the collimating. The worst problem I think may turn into a nightmare as the person “cleaned” the optics and I can discern some very light but defined scratches on the primary. May be a total loss and a waste of money!
    Anyway I will give it my best shot. Any suggestions?

    Thank ahead of time


    • For collimating I use a laser collimator – an old one from Meade and it does the job. As for the scratches on the primary, only thing to do is test it out – I often had dirt on my optics and it did not cause any big problems…

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