A new Telescope Dolly design.

I had recently asked my brother Doug Johns for some advice on fixing up an old telescope dolly that I had obtained from a senior member of my local astronomy club. Doug is an experienced fabricator, musician, and all around cool guy. Instead of repairing it, he had designed a new dolly that is solid and secure. Here are a couple of pictures of it when he built it.

The design is so very simple and it secures the tripod legs with round metal cups at the base. I will be using this to roll the rig out from the garage. I will move the rig simply by pushing on the tripod legs. The wheels are all solid rubber – not inflated, which will also act as a vibration damper for the tripod. This is made from dense metal which will hold 200lbs and is very sturdy. Great work Doug! See the before-after pics.

Doug is also a professional musician – check him out at DougJohns.com


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