New mount has arrived

Check back frequently for updates! I have some big changes coming: a new rig, telescope dolly, observatory, variable star observing, and generally more participation and updates for 2019.

I received the new SkyWatcher EQ6r today. I am very impressed so far: it looks like this is the heavy mount I need that will provide the stability for the heavy 10″ OTA. The mount was purchased from High Point Scientific for $1,595.

I was surprised by the power adapter- it is a cigarette lighter type: no AC adapter. I will have to search for a DC-AC converter.

I continue to read the manual and do some initial testing in the basement. Also, my Meade LXD75-sn10 dovetail bar will not fit the mount securely. I have had to order a different dovetail that will fit from ScopeStuff.



By Steve J Posted in Main

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