Equipment update

Equipment update: out with the new, in with the old (yes, that’s right).


I had disassembled the 10″ Schmidt-Newtonian and cleaned it: there were small spider webs in it, and the mirrors needed cleaning. It was Collimated and mounted again on the main Skywatcher EQ6-r mount. Another EQ6-r is going to be purchased soon for alternating use by the Explore Scientific AR152 (for optical use) and the Celestron C6. The C6 is being used for DSLR. It is currently sitting on an old Meade LXD75 mount but the Orion autoguider cannot be used with this mount – I prefer to get another EQ6 to resolve this.

Starhopper.orgThe Explore Scientific AR152: Let’s just say I am replacing it with my 6″ Celestron SCT…Explore Scientific does make quality products, but it seems in my experience and opinion that sometimes defective things can slip through quality control.

When I had received it, the light shroud and entire objective lens assembly was loose and I could move it from side to side. I called Explore Scientific and told them the model was an AR152 and the support person said that this was normal and that the light shroud was designed to move up and down the tube – he was wrong; as this cannot be done on the AR152: the technician was thinking about another model.

I had found that the objective lens assembly was held in by only one screw – the other two were stripped (probably on assembly by too much torque) and laying within the tube; and fell out when I removed the objective assembly. I had to replace the screws and it is now on the tube is on solid.

I have tried laser collimation, but this did not eliminate the chromatic aberration but it still persists.

This is the first and the last Explore Scientific product I will own. I will fix the issues with this AR152 and use it for visual observing only – as it is a telescope for basic visual use only and not for any kind of advanced imaging.

The C6 – prepped and ready DSLR imager:


Celestron C6 with right-angle finder w/illuminated eyepiece, Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro & 30mm Ultra Mini Guide Scope, and and old trusty Cannon T3. The old Meade LCD75 mount that this is currenly on will soon be replaced with a second Skywatcher EQ6-r.

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