Current targets

I plan on shooting in Ha and OIII. Shooting in Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen III will bring out the fine details of these planetary nebulae. The Moon is waning but these filters should cut out that ambient light.

As the Northern part of the sky is the most accessible from my location in my little neighborhood, filters are a must.

Using the Mead LXD75 sn-10 with Skywatcher EQ6-r.

Current targets: 

Cats eye nebula in Draco (c6/ngc6543 9mag) in Ha and OIII.

Owl nebula in Ursa Major (9.90mag M97) in Ha and OIII. I have imaged this often, but never got a decent image, and there is so much light pollution in this location. These filters and image stacking should fix that. See:

IC3568 Lemon Slice in Ursa Minor. Mag 11.10.


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