log 9/28/13

Location: Wellington, Ohio USALocal time: 8-10pm.

logHad some thin clouds all day and evening until about 9:30 pm: then the sky got thick with clouds. The clouds were thin enough to get some images. One of my long-time goals was achieved: capturing the Veil nebula. The Eastern end of it came out rather well. I will be re-processing this image to clear up the noise… Secondly, I imaged 43 beta Andromeda (mirach) with ngc404. The galaxy NGC404 is seen beyond the star 43 beta Andromeda. There are not many clear views of this elusive galaxy due to the brightness of the star. Third, we have the great star cluster M13 in Hercules: i was trying to get a better view of the galaxy near that also, but the thin clouds did not make this easy. Fourth: M27 – a favorite among amateur astronomers.

Veil Nebula: Western end Steve Johns 2013

Veil Nebula: Western end

Veil Nebula: Eastern end

Veil Nebula: Eastern end


43_beta_andr_mirach_ngc404. Faint galaxy (NGC404) beyond the star 43 beta Andromeda (Mirach)


M13: Globular star cluster in Hercules. Steve Johns 2013

Dumbbell nebula

M27 (Dumbbell Nebula) Steve Johns2013

45 eps Cas

45 eps Cas.

About the last photo in this post: I was looking for nebulosity around Cassiopeia when I zoomed in on the star 45 eps Cas. Meade AutoStar presented me a dim planetary nebula nearby: IC 1747. I decided to get an image of it. The magnitude is very dim, so looking at this image is is difficult to tell if I got it. It is probably there, but I will need a longer exposure to see it. Steve Johns 2013