Current research targets:

Observing in Elyria and Wellington, Ohio USA in October-December.

  • Studies are found under the Research Projects tab. 

Here is a list of some misc targets throughout the Winter of ’13-’14:

Galaxies between 43 beta Andr Mirach and 83 Tau Pisces
NGC520: Peculiar galaxy in Pisces
NGC891: galaxy in Pegasus
NGC628: galaxy in Pisces
NGC474: galaxy in Pisces
NGC541: Irregular galaxies in Pisces < 12 mag.
NGC7814: Galaxy in Pegasus.
NGC598: Pinwheel galaxy in Triangulum
NGC672 galaxy group in Triangulum
NGC722 Irregular in Triangulum
NGC7009: Saturn nebula in Aquarius.


Andromeda, Pegasus, and Pisces

  • A study of

NGC246: Planetary nebula in Cetus
NGC210: Galaxy in Cetus
M81, M82: Spiral and irregular in UM
NGC5377: Galaxy in Ursa Major Mag 11.2
M109: Galaxy – Ursa Major Mag 9.80.
M102: Galaxy in Draco Mag 9.9
NGC5907: Galaxy in Draco +75deg. Mag10.4.
NGC5866: Galaxy in Draco +75deg. Mag 10


Draco and Ursa Major

Winter: NGC2158: impressive star cluster in Gemini.

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