…encounters of the strange

I’m a city boy: not much used to the strange night time sounds of the country. I have found during my late-night observing sessions out in the country sides of beautiful Lorain County, Ohio USA that there are numerous critters that like to travel at night. One of them is wild pigs.

I was out in the field one night in an astro-photography shoot about 11pm when I heard some faint squealing and grunting behind me. I did not think much of it at first, but it kept getting louder. It was pitch dark and these strange sounds were coming towards me: I am sure that they saw me but I could not see them…

I dove into my car and awaited their passing through. My story to the locals got a good chuckle.

Lesson: keep your ears open as well as your night-time vision!

Wild pigs of Wellington

Wild pigs of Wellington – or space pigs?

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