… 1 – Cepheus study

A study of Cepheus 2013-2014. Observing in Elyria and Wellington, Ohio USA.

Study initiated in the Fall season: hence the long delays between sessions due to inclement Northern Ohio weather during this time of year. Cepheus has become a favorite area of sky as it is circumpolar – it is visible year-round: such is the advantage of residing >40deg North latitude.

The constellation of Cepheus

The constellation of Cepheus


NGC6946: Galaxy
NGC6939: Open cluster
C4: Diffuse nebula
C9: Cave nebula
C11/NGC7635: bubble nebula
NGC6951: Barred spiral galaxy
NGC7380: cluster with nebulosity
NGC6992 Veil nebula East
IC1396: Cluster with nebulosity

NGC6888: Crescent nebula in Cygnus

C15: Blinking nebula in Cygnus [1]

A shortcut to the observing log will be available here as it is produced.



11/2/2013 – Set it up in Wellington, Ohio. Had a lot of power issues. I also could not park out in the field with my car as the ground was soggy. I use my car batter to power the anti-dew strips. I could not use a dew strip, but the corrector lens remained clear. As soon as I got everything aligned, the corrector lens fogged up. Did not get any good images this night except for a couple of grainy images of NGC6939. Off to the hardware store to by that portable power station….

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