Personal encounters of interesting celestial objects (not alien encounters… sorry)

  • October 11 2013: NGC6939 and C15 in Cepheus.

Located North of Cygnus and between Cassiopeia and Hydra, the Constellation Cepheus contains a large open star cluster NGC6939. In the vicinity can be seen the spiral galaxy C15 (NGC6946) at magnitude 8.9. I was taking test shots this night to get familiar with a new Cannon Rebel T3 and APT software. I was imaging from my back yard: a lot of trees are obscuring the view so I was randomly slewing to targets around this area to see my best unobstructed view when I came across this. I obtained a few short exposures and will be back again in this location soon to get better images. The images will be posted at my archive site http://tek1systems.com:8083/piwigo/ . The second image below is a rough short exposure of NGC6939 (Magnitude 7.9). The spiral galaxy NGC6946 at magnitude 8.9 is in the same field of view, although very faint in this image.


ngc6939 and C12



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