Polar Alignment: Skywatcher EQ6r


This is the new polar scope, for both hemispheres.

For northern emisphere, it works like the AP Rapas : you don’t have to turn it nor enable the sideral tracking.

It works like a clock : just put polaris at the right hour on the clock.

– Just level your mount
– Set the 0 at the top like shown on the firt post
– use a software to get the current polaris hour of your location (polaris finder on PC, there are several apps also for smartphones)
– adjust the alt-ae screews to set polaris at the right hour on the clock reticle
– at the right of the recicle there is a schematic zoom in view which explains the circles arangment vs the years : the outer circle corresponds to 2012. For instance. The second circle corresponds to 2016, you will have to put polaris on this one and at the right hour.