Black Forest Star Party 2019 Speakers line-up

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I am attending the annual Black Forest star party at Cherry Springs state park in September 27-29 2019. I am very excited to attend this national dark site and do some astrophotography and simple visual observing with the public.

About the event: “The Black Forest Star Party (BFSP) is an annual dark-sky amateur astronomy observing event hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Observers (CPO). Held every year since 1999, the BFSP generally spans a weekend in the late summer or early fall in Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County, Pennsylvania.

Cherry Springs State Park is one of the darkest sites in the state of Pennsylvania and has been designated as Pennsylvania’s first Dark Sky Park by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)…” (Black Forest 2019).



Here is a list of this years speakers:

2019 Speakers


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