New rig

In July-October I had obtained a new refractor from Adorama camera out of New York for around $870. It has been decades since I possessed a good refractor so I could put the larger (and heavier) Schmidt Newtonian on the shelf for a while. The SN was very sensitive to collimation issues and I was tired of dealing with it. This refractor is an Explore Scientific AR152 6″ doublet. These are hard to find – they are selling out everywhere. I also ordered a new autoguider from Orion: Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro & 30mm Ultra Mini Guide and I am testing it out. Added a Rigelsys Explore Scientific Focus Motor and nFOCUS. In addition, I have purchased a field flattener. I am currently shooting with my old Cannon Rebel T3: the ZWO ASI178MC works well, and I do image with that intermittently, but I have always had better success with DSLR.

Images posting soon – as soon as I learn Nebulosity image processing…



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One comment on “New rig

  1. The new telescope is now back in its box. I have determined that this is not a good telescope for astrophotography – there is too much chromatic aberration. The result of this in my images was the inability to obtain sharp stars: I never got a clear pin-point artifact-free image of any star. This will be use for optical observing only.

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